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Linux Service


The Linux service installation is deprecated!

Documentation for the Linux Service is provided as-is and will not be supported.

The scripts on this page are available on GitHub in installations/fdm-monster-node-linux.

A running instance of FDM Monster 3D Printing Server with the Printing Grid opened.
Only one disabled printer is shown on the grid and it's disabled.
The rest of the grid is showing empty tiles. This is the FDM Monster web app after installation (visit

Preparation of the Linux Service installation

Please ensure the following dependencies are installed and working:

  • Node.js 18 or higher
  • MongoDB 4.4 or higher
  • git
  • yarn (npm package)
  • FDM monster source files (GitHub cloned source code)
  • node-linux (npm package)

Installation of the service

Please ensure that:

  • You've cloned the repository
  • Changed directory to installations/fdm-monster-node-linux
  • yarn dependencies are installed in fdm-monster/server/
  • npm dependencies are installed in fdm-monster-node-linux/

Please ensure the service is installed (executed inside fdm-monster-node-linux):

npm i

This will call node ./install-fdm-monster.js indirectly.

Configuring server environment

The server has configuration options that allow changing how it operates. Warning, wrong configuration might cause the server unable to correctly startup.

Each configuration change requires you to run the update script:

npm i

Please read the Environment configuration section for adjusting the .env file.

Updating the server

The server is easily updated with the provided script You will need to run this with elevation:

sudo bash ./