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MonsterPi for Raspberry Pi

MonsterPi is a Raspberry Pi image built using CustomPiOS.

This Raspberry Pi image includes FDM Monster and MongoDB.

All released image versions can be downloaded from the Releases page.

Latest Version

Latest Version

The downloaded file needs to be unzipped before flashing it to your SD Card. Use your favorite unzipping application to extract the files.


Older MonsterPi releases can be downloaded from GitHub Releases.

Installing MonsterPi


  1. Download Raspberry Pi Imager
  2. Insert a 16GB+ SD Card of high quality (class 10) and decent brand, do not save money on this!
  3. Flash the image on the SD card. Do not forget to set the configuration (WiFi, SSH, hostname) according to your specifications: Screenshot of Raspberry Pi Imager advanced options
  4. Insert the SD card into your Raspberry Pi 3 or 4 and power it up (with a recommended 5.1V power supply)
  5. Visit http://monsterpi.local:4000 to access FDM Monster
  6. Alternatively, you can visit http://monsterpi.local or https://monsterpi.local (Self-Signed SSL Certificate) to access FDM Monster

Upgrading FDM Monster in MonsterPi


Upgrading MonsterPi requires you to have SSH knowledge. If you do not feel comfortable making those changes, please do not continue and ask an expert to assist you!

MonsterPi Version 0.4+

Run the following commands as the pi user and execute an update with root elevation. Replace VERSION_HERE with the version of FDM Monster you like.

cd ~/scripts

# Deploy the FDM Monster server update
sudo bash ./ --tag "VERSION_HERE" --non-interactive

For example, if your FDM Monster is 1.6.2 and let's imagine 1.7.0 was available. You would do the upgrade like this:

cd ~/scripts
sudo bash ./ --tag "1.7.0" --non-interactive

If you would like to upgrade to the latest, you can run it like this, but beware that this mode is still experimental. It might not install the true latest or highest version sometimes, this happens mostly when a release candidate was released before (like 1.6.0-rc3).

cd ~/scripts
sudo bash ./

Please make sure to find the latest version tag on GitHub. That way you can use the --tag based command, which is known to work well.

MonsterPi Version 0.2/0.3 to 0.4+


There is no upgrade path to MonsterPi 0.4. Only by downloading the new image, users will be able to use FDM Monster 1.6 and up.

It is advised to export a .yaml file to back up your printers, printer floor positions and floors.
Here are the steps to take:

  1. Go to the import/export dialog to get the .yaml file as a download.
  2. Check the file for missing or incorrect properties. Correct the mistakes with a text editor and save.
  3. Refer to YAML Import and Export for more details.
  4. Ensure your .yaml is ready to be imported.
  5. Flash a new SD card with the installation steps above
  6. Ensure your MonsterPi is working. Proceed through the setup and create an account.
  7. Import the YAML file according to YAML Import and Export for the import.
  8. Your printers and floors will reappear.

MonsterPi Version 0.2.0 -> 0.3.0+

Run the following commands as the pi user and execute an update with root elevation.

cd ~/fdm-monster-daemon

# Deploy the FDM Monster server update
sudo bash ./

Updating MonsterPi manually 0.1.x -> 0.2.0


This strategy allows you to stick with 0.1.1. I cannot recommend it in the long run, because the image of 0.2.0 has changed quite a bit.

This upgrade will not install:

  • HAProxy
  • gencert (SSL certificate generator)
  • welcome script

We will be downloading a gist from GitHub. You can also download the latest version of the file yourself from this GitHub URL.

Run the following commands as the pi user and execute an update with root elevation.

cd ~/fdm-monster-daemon

# Download new script
wget -O ~/fdm-monster-daemon/

# Deploy the FDM Monster server update
sudo bash ./